Face & Body Treatment

In 2020, the Group established Skin Clinic to provide more comprehensive beauty services to customers, including both aesthetic beauty treatments & life beauty treatments. Regarding life beauty, it provides facial and body treatments for activating skin cells, combating skin aging, body trimming and removing hair permanently. All treatments were carefully chosen by the Group founder Ms Carey Cheung, she had tried and experienced all treatments by herself to ensure all the treatments are natural, mild, safe, healthy and effective before launching.

Facial Treatment - Manual

Cellcore Facial

Exquisite Hydrating & Repairing Facial Treatment

  • Patented stem cell ingredients for repairing damaged skin cells
  • Replenish and lock moisture in skin, instantly soothe dryness
  • Restore radiance and health to tired and dull skin

Caviar Youth Activating Facial Treatment

  • Caviar and green apple stem cells for skin repairing
  • Boost self-repairing ability of skin cells, combat skin aging
  • Improve elasticity, sagging and fine lines

Ultra Soothing & Calming Facial Treatment

  • Calm sensitive skin with natural mild ingredients instantly
  • Soothe skin redness, dryness and tingling
  • Repair damaged cells, deeply nourish and moisturize skin

Facial Treatment - Machine

Dela II Collagen-boosting Treatment


  • Coupled with the built-in cooling system and the exclusive DCS (Dynamic Cooling System) technology, Cryogen of -20°C is distributed before and after each RF output to rapidly cool down the skin surface.
  • Integrating RF mesh technology, 6.78MHZ ultra-high frequency and unique sliding technology


  • Integrate RF mesh technology, unique sliding technology, ultra-high frequency and exclusive cooling system
  • Regenerate collagen, enhance elasticity, lighten wrinkles and fine lines, minimize pores
  • Lift and tighten skin to reveal younger looking skin and facial contour

Rose V line Needle-free Thread Lift Treatment


  • Utilizing the needle-free thread lift machine Rose V line with exclusive MDT (Multiple Duration Technology) technology
  • Equppied 2.0MM, 3.0MM or 4.5MM treatment heads to treat different skin problems.


  • Exclusive MDT (Multiple Duration Technology) technology with treatment heads of different depth
  • Lift and tighten skin from the inside out, improve double-chin, achieve a V-shaped face
  • Activate collagen growth, improve elasticity, lighten wrinkles, restore a youthful look

PLASONIC Rejuvenating Treatment


  • Adopting the PLASONIC beauty machine which combines PlaPass (plasma transmission) and SonoPass (sonic frequency transmission) technologies, this treatment may obviously improve skin quality and combat skin aging.
  • PlaPass technology can open up the nutrient delivery channel in the skin to ensure the essence can reach the dermis
  • SonoPass technology helps to consolidate and lock the penetrated essence in the dermis.


  • Open up the nutrient delivery channel in skin and lock the essence in the dermis to enhance absorption
  • Combat skin aging
  • improve elasticity
  • whiten and brighten skin tone
  • improve acnes

Pico Extreme Freckle-lightening & Skin-refining Treatment


  • This treatment adopts the innovative laser machine Pico Extreme, sending extremely high-speed picosecond laser to smash the melanin particles into dust by shock waves which will then be naturally excreted.
  • Three wavelengths of 1064nm, 755nm and 532nm are designed for treating pigments, freckles and tattoos in different skin depth.
  • The picosecond laser is 1,000 times faster than the traditional nanosecond laser while the pulse time of picosecond laser is also 10 times faster than the traditional laser, thus it is safer and more effective.


  • Effectively remove all types of pigments, freckles and tattoos
  • Stimulate growth of collagen and elastic fibers, refine skin texture

Body Treatment

Salus Talent A Body Sculpting Treatment


  • KFDA & CE approved, innovative non-contact and non-invasive technology
  • By using the non-contact and non-invasive electromagnetic field technology to generate “eddy current” circulation in the muscles
  • Your muscles will be stimulated to contract for 30,000 times in a 30-minute treatment session.


  • No workout needed for building muscles and burning fats
  • Improve blood circulation, speed up excretion of lactic acid, relieve muscle tension and soreness

Salus Talent A Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening Treatment


  • KFDA & CE approved, innovative non-contact and non-invasive technology
  • By using the non-contact and non-invasive electromagnetic field technology to generate “eddy current” circulation in the muscles
  • The pelvic floor muscles will be stimulated to perform 12,000 times of muscle contractions in a 30-minute treatment.


  • Helps activate the muscle tissues, improve muscle control
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve urinary incontinence, tighten vagina

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